5 Reasons why a Hand Coffee Grinder is right for you

There are a number of options when it comes to how to get your coffee. While some people prefer just pushing a button on a coffee maker, more people have been starting to look into coffee hand grinders to get their usual cup of coffee. Automatic coffee makers require electricity, can be loud, too big for space, and they generally make coffee that many people find less tasty than the freshly ground coffee from a hand coffee maker. Although it depends on the person, the growing attraction to hand coffee grinders has been rising not without reason. Hand Coffee grinders have a number of advantages over automatic coffee makers. These advantages have a lot to do with the quality of the coffee you will end up drinking but also much to do with practical aspects as well. Many things can be a matter of personal preference, but when selecting the appropriate way to make coffee, there are certain things you may want to keep in mind when it comes to hand coffee grinders. Keeping all of this into consideration, we have singled out 5 reasons why we think a Hand Coffee Grinder is right for you.

1. Freshly ground coffee

Coffee is always better when it is freshly ground. It is easy to distinguish the great taste of freshly ground coffee as opposed to coffee that is pre-ground. This is probably the most important reason for selecting a hand coffee grinder rather than an automatic coffee maker. The sooner you brew your coffee after the beans are ground, the better. Hand coffee grinders give you a chance to get the best out of your coffee beans. A lot of pre-ground coffee is stale and this can be noticed in regards to the taste. A hand coffee grinder will take care of this easily. The reason behind this is because oxidation will cause certain aromatic oils in the coffee to evaporate. This is alike for almost all foods. Whenever they interact with oxygen, a slow breakdown on a molecular level is triggered that leads to breaking down tastes, textures and other aspects of the food that might be favorable. By brewing coffee just after grinding it with a coffee grinder, you can easily avoid this. It is also true that most pre-ground coffee that you find in the store wasn’t ground recently before your purchase of it, but long before. This is another aspect that leads to the coffee being stale. A coffee hand grinder will give you a fresher, tastier cup of coffee.

2. No need for electricity and small size

Although coffee makers may be faster, they need electricity to work at all. This can be a setback for many people. Manual grinders obviously don’t need electricity and you can grind your coffee beans whenever and wherever you need to. This is also a huge advantage if you frequently plan trips, go camping, and generally like to travel. A hand coffee grinder would definitely be the best way to make all of that easier. Next to that, there are a number of coffee hand grinders to choose from regarding size. This means picking a travel-sized coffee grinder can make the trip even easier as storing coffee grinders will not be an issue. When you are on the road, using a grinder can save you lots of money as opposed to buying coffee in expensive cafes. Even if you are not planning to use a hand coffee grinder for a trip, having one at home can be a great way to generally save space on your counter.

3. Coffee Grinders make no noise

Coffee grinders are practical in other aspects too. Not only are they great for the road, but because of their non-existent noise level, they are great for use at home as well. If you tend to wake up when everyone else is sleeping, or generally do not like the loud noises most coffee makers tend to spit out, a coffee hand grinder is a great way to avoid this. When comparing coffee makers to coffee grinders, it is safe to say that even the quieter automatic coffee makers are much louder than any sound a hand coffee grinder could ever make. By choosing a hand coffee grinder, you will be able to make sure you do not bother anyone while enjoying a great cup of coffee and the process that goes along with it.

4. Hand grinders are less expensive.

Another great benefit of a hand coffee grinder is that it simply saves you money. Because they are a lot less expensive than automatic coffee makers, hand grinders are the right choice if you are looking to get your quality cup of coffee without using up too much cash. Automatic coffee makers are almost always more expensive than hand coffee grinders, and you may end up spending much more money for a worse tasting cup of coffee. When it comes to hand grinders, there are also a huge number of variations and sizes, meaning there is a pretty flexible price range to choose from. When it comes to picking a hand coffee grinder, you will end up spending about 100$ at most where you would end up spending a lot more for any type of automatic coffee maker.

5. Absence of heat

This aspect of choosing a hand coffee grinder over an automatic one has more to do with quality and the taste of your coffee rather than just practicality. Not only will the coffee beans be freshly ground but because hand coffee grinders do not heat up coffee beans in the process of grinding, the coffee you get from them will be generally better tasting than the coffee from automatic machines. Automatic coffee machines grind at much higher speeds, heating up the beans; this leaves an effect on taste. This is another aspect you should definitely keep in mind when thinking about the quality and taste of the coffee you want to have.

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