Open Floor Plan Apartment Ideas

The open floor plan concept is an excellent way to optimize space in smaller homes. Utilizing an open floor plan and combining with efficient space saving techniques is the perfect way to enable the full comfort of your home without sacrificing any homely amenities. With the right amount of planning it is possible to make the home space you want without compromising anything. This article details a combination of different open space apartments plans that are great examples for maximizing space in a smaller home or apartment. Use these examples as inspiration for creating a modern space without heeding to limitations.

Glass dividers used to create separate zones

Usually it is not advised to use walls or dividers in already small spaces as this makes the home feel even smaller by comparison. Open floor plans should enable travel between spaces freely and unimpeded by barriers. Some spaces have privacy requirements and can not completely escape from having any barriers. The less division that exists in the home space, the larger the space will feel. Some homes use a glass partition to separate important living spaces such as the bedroom from the rest of the living room. This will still allow the feeling of flow and be non-invasive, giving the floor area a larger feel without having a harsh divider separating space. Privacy can be increased by using a curtain with the glass partition when needed.

Making a dynamic space

Small homes and apartment inherently come with some drawbacks, particularly when needing to host groups of people for entertaining or dinners. Using movable structures in the apartment it is possible to create separate zones with additional seating as needed. Wooden panels work well in this open concept. The wood is an affordable material and excellent for creating customized furniture. Light colored wood materials make for a bright and spacious feeling space that draws air. Customize your space with this movable concept. Different zones and private areas can be created on a whim depending on the situation.

Open space apartment ideas

Storage for a smaller space

Lack of storage space is a common frustration of smaller homes and apartments which can be problematic to find a suitable solution. Examples of smart ways to incorporate storage into your home décor are shown. In this case, the larger space is broken up with a doorway that has its own storage space built in. The architects presented a novel solution that can be applied in many homes with similar layouts. Not only does it work well for dividing the space but it is also very practical. Extra privacy is created for the adjoining bedroom and this idea makes the storage space much more plentiful than it would otherwise be.

Consider the geometry of your home

The shape of your rooms and home are important to remain cognizant of when embarking on a decorating expedition. It doesn’t usually make sense to have a round coffee table in a narrow, rectangular shaped room because the differing geometries will tend to clash in an awkward fashion. Smaller homes with open floor layouts can be particularly vulnerable to this strange look. Creating a seamless flow into the next space should be the goal. An example is the narrow room that is long with a constrained width. This type of layout will benefit from incorporating furniture that is also rectangular and narrow, creating the desired flow. See the sofa and coffee table as examples of this approach in use. The sofa is sleek and fits well in the thin space. This style maximizes the spaciousness of the room.

Using negative space wisely

Smaller spaces will benefit greatly when utilizing negative space optimally. Whether it is a desire for more space for entertaining or creating extra storage space, negative space is an important factor to consider. Looking at the smaller hidden corners and crannies of each room will allow maximum usage for your home. We can imagine an apartment that makes a small balcony with this negative space that can be used for extra seating room. The seating will be cozy with a dining table but above there is a small balcony that overlooks the room. This is a great example of using negative space to bring a new life to a small apartment space.

Modify traditional designs

Think of ways to make your space more efficient. For example, in the kitchen, everybody loves to have a kitchen island. This can be more difficult to achieve in constrained apartment. This about using the island for more than one purpose. The electric range or oven could be built in to the cabinet and will save space elsewhere in the kitchen. Now you have a dynamic piece of furniture that has storage space, a dining area, and can be used to cook food. The kitchen will work with rather than oppose this type of design.

Smaller space and Minimal Design

Creating a space with minimalist design attributes always goes well with smaller spaces. Spend your time looking for pieces that are high quality. The stand out furniture will be the focus. The home will have a feel that is less cluttered but still have a big presence.

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