1000Wh Solar Generator with AC Inverter, 1000W Max Power (Generator with 300W Solar Panels)


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Brand: IVYX Scientific


  • 24/7 CONTINUOUS POWER: 300W of solar panels charge the high capacity lithium-ion battery during the day, the power stored can be used throughout the day and night. Perfectly sized to power small cabins, RVs, Trucks and boats.
  • SETS UP IN MINUTES: No soldering, stripping wires, or training needed. All electrical connections are through standard MC4 connectors which quickly and easily clip into place.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Can easily be carried by a single person. The weight of generator is 25lbs, the solar panels are 7 lbs each
  • HIGH CAPACITY LI-ION BATTERY: 1000Wh high capacity lithium ion battery with an AC inverter capable of delivering up to 1000W of power. Built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) maximize power extraction from the solar panels.
  • 2 x 150W SOLAR PANELS: High efficiency flexible solar panels are strong and durable, as well as extremely thin and lightweight (2 mm / 0.08 in thick!). They can easily bend to fit curved surfaces on boats, RVs, trucks.
  • NO PERMITS NEEDED: This standalone system does not connect to the grid or to the house breaker, greatly simplyfing the installation.
  • ELIGIBLE FOR 22% FEDERAL TAX CREDIT: 22% of the purchase price can be claimed as a Federal tax credit in 2021 through the Federal Residential Solar Energy Credit Program. (Form 5695 – Residential Energy Credits with the IRS).

UPC: 735816231132