3 Speed 45 °Shaking Head Portable Mini Air Conditioner Cool Cooling Bedroom Air Cooler Intelligent USB Fan Desktop Air Cooler adjusted manually


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Brand: Cafuvv

Color: white


  • The evaporative air cooler has 3-in-1:5 large fan blades with large wind speed and the maximum wind speed is greater than 3 M/ s. It can be used not only as a small air cooler and ordinary office fan, but also as a humidifier to cool the surrounding air faster and alleviate the problem of hot and dry in summer.
  • Three speed 45 ° angle-Adjustable oscillation: there are three wind modes, dormant wind, natural wind and strong wind. The head rotates automatically at about 45 degrees, and the air is supplied at a large angle to make the air circulation area larger.
  • Easy to use and waterproof: the 500ml fully enclosed top water tank does not leak when pouring water. The new design of top water injection can directly remove the cover, add water and add ice. There is no need to separate the water tank and worry about overflow. Push button blowing up and down, which can be adjusted manually.
  • Intake activated carbon screen: removable activated carbon filter can absorb peculiar smell and-Dust. Waterproof motor: it can work normally in humid environment. The extractable condensate connection can collect the condensate produced in the process of cold air. When the condensate water level is too high, it can be vacuumized manually, which is convenient to operate.
  • Package includes: 1 air conditioner 1 USB cable