3D Printer Scanner, Handheld High Accuracy True Colors Automatic Data Processing Scanning Device, for WIN10 64bit, for FDM Series, Complete Machine Series, Light Curing Series(White)


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Brand: Sanpyl


  • HANDHELD DESIGN: The 3D scanner is handheld, supports scanning objects of different sizes without dots, is convenient to carry.
  • EASY TO USE: Automatic matching and fast scanning without marking, without manual grid alignment, calibration or the use of marking points.
  • HIGH ACCURACY: Accuracy up to 0.1mm, body parts of medium and large objects can also be scanned easily, scanning faster and more smoothly.
  • AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING: Has the function of automatic data processing, automatically aligns the multi faceted posture, and realizes the multi faceted posture scanning and synthesis function.
  • TRUE COLORS: With 24 bits true color reproduction, has excellent results. Built in color camera, supports full color texture catching.