3X Plant Irrigation System Water Dispenser sye Irrigation kit (20 Meters) Lawn Sprinkler Drip Irrigation kit Sprinkler Timer Hydroponic System Sprinkler Head Self Watering Spikes Water Pipe


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Brand: Yano


  • 3X Wide open space automatic irrigation kit: garden, balcony and other places Drip irrigation Sprinkler system Water timer Irrigation system Drip irrigation parts Sprinkler controller
  • Flowers, potted plants, Ideal for irrigation of shrubs and trees Garden sprinklers Gardening supplies Irrigation timer Garden watering system Self watering Irrigation tubing Plant waterer
  • Sprinkler reduces water consumption up to 50% compared to conventional irrigation Automatic watering system Drip irrigation tubing Drip irrigation emitters Plant watering system Garden supplies
  • Greenhouse supplies Drip irrigation supplies Automatic plant waterer Drip hose Garden irrigation system Watering equipment Drip tape Irrigation kit Irrigation hose

UPC: 343598519371