52cc 1.75KW Auger Post Hole Digger Earth Auger Ground Drilling Machine, for Earth Burrowing/Drilling & Post Hole Digging, 4″ Drill Bit


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Brand: Sunbaca


  • Operation Flexibility: Using this tool, you can perform professional quality work. The auger equipped with a 52cc gasoline engine can be easily handled by one or two people to complete various tasks.
  • High-quality drill bit: Comes with a 4-inch drill bit to meet your drilling needs, making it more precise and easier to use. With this tool, you can drill holes in multiple holes quickly.
  • Ergonomic design: accurate, easy to use, and economical. Unlike the side-mounted engine, the bulldozer has a straight-through gearbox, which is durable and hard to cut gears.
  • Engine displacement: 52CC. Power: 1.75kw/7500rpm. Drilling depth: 500-800mm. Hole time: 16-40 seconds (adjust measures to local conditions). Fuel consumption: 600-800g/h. Transmission ratio: 30:1. Blended oil: gasoline and two-stroke engine oil are mixed 25:1.
  • Application areas: Very suitable for installation of fences, decks, tree planting and many other lawn applications. The auger is ideal for drilling quickly into the ground to secure it to the ground.