52CC 2-Stroke Gas Powered Petrol Earth Fence Post Hole Borer Ground Drill with 4″ 8″Auger Bits Power Engine Motor Single Cylinder w/Extension Rod Quickly Drilling


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Brand: Gdrasuya10


  • ?MULTIPLE SIZE DRILL BITS?Supplied with bits of 4″” & 8″” meet your different hole dig requirements. Come with extension rod make it more accurate and easy to use.With this tool, you will be enabling drilling of multiple holes in quick succession.
  • ?Specification?Engine: Single Cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled. Cylinder capacity : 52cc. Fuel mix: 25/1. 2 Cast steel drills : 4″”and 8″”. Safety: Bit Lock. Power?1.7W/8500rpm Carburetor with pump. Easy starting system (cord starter). Centrifugal clutch. Change bits quickly and easily.
  • ?Professional Work?Supplied with bits of 4″”, 8″” the auger can drill holes of various diameters. With this tool, you will be able to perform professional quality work. The Earth Auger has a straight through gearbox, unlike models with a side mounted engine, the straight
  • ?Application?The auger is ideal for quickly drilling into the earth in order to set into the ground: fence posts, poles, trees, shrubs etc. Equipped with a 52cc gasoline engine, the auger can be handled by one or two people easily for a wide variety of tasks.
  • ?Perfect Dirt Digging?Lightweight & Easy to start.Cast steel drill bits are used in hard soil, and the work effect is obvious. The cast steel material is hard and wear-resistant, which prolongs the service life.Ergonomically designed, it is accurate, easy to use and economical.Comfortable Handles.

UPC: 723509179977