92692284 Ingersoll-Rand Ultra Coolant 5L 10W-20


92692284 Ingersoll-Rand Ultra Coolant 5L 10W-20

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Brand: Ingersoll-Rand


  • Ultra Coolant provides up to 8000 hours of lubricant run time, longer life than most polyalpha-olefins PAOs, and as much as 8 times the life of conventional lubricants
  • Non-foaming performance significantly lowers carryover as compared to conventional and other synthetic fluids
  • Varnish-free operation saves energy, and extends the reliability and life of your system
  • 10% higher thermal conductivity extends compressor life and improves efficiency
  • High-flash point of 71°C 520°F, higher than most poly-alphaolefins PAOs, diesters and other synthetic lubricants, enhances operational safety
  • Advanced cooling enables compressors to run cooler and more efficiently, even in high-ambient temperature environments
  • Excellent biodegradability and recyclability
  • Included components: Unit, Instruction Guide

Details: 92692284 Ingersoll-Rand Ultra Coolant 5L 10W-20

UPC: 663023046877