Air400 + Replacement Filters


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Brand: Bissell


  • 3 STAGE FILTRATION system includes a pre-filter, a 1 inch thick activated carbon filter, and a High Efficiency Filter which captures 99. 7% of microscopic particles on silent mode including dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander. Great for homes with pets, babies, or young children. Most ideal for those who suffer from seasonal or non-seasonal allergies or those who just want fresh, clean air in their home
  • SMART CIRQULATE SYSTEM uses a particle sensor to continuously monitor your indoor air, adjusts the air400’s speed of air flow accordingly, and provides real time feedback on the front digital display. No more wondering if your air purifier is working
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE and THOUGHTFUL DESIGN air400 is powerfully equipped with a large fan and long lasting, quiet, digital DC motor. Built to blend right you’re your home with a neutral tone, clean edges, and sleek design
  • Genuine BISSELL replacement filter for BISSELL Air400
  • 1. 5 inch thick activated carbon filter engineered to capture household odors, voc’s, cooking odors, tobacco smoke odors, pet odors, and exhaust fumes.
  • Recommended to replace the carbon filter once every 6 months. Filter Life varies based on run time and existing air conditions.
  • Genuine BISSELL replacement filter for BISSELL Air400
  • Hepa + pre-filter captures pollen, dust, allergens, hair, and dander
  • Hepa filter captures up to 99. 97% of 0. 3 micron particles on silent mode