Antarctic Star Portable Air Conditioner Home AC Cooling Unit with Built-in Dehumidifier & Fan Modes, Automatic Defrosting,Quiet Operation, 8000BTU, White



Brand: Antarctic Star

Color: White


  • Various Scenes: They’re self-contained systems that do not require any permanent installation, allowing you to move to the space where you need it most. They’re commonly used in kitchen, temporary residences, computer rooms, garages, and many other places where installation of Air-conditioner Outdoor Unit is limited.
  • R410 Refrigerant : The environmentally-friendly R410 is used as the refrigerant. R410 has no damaging influence on the ozone layer (ODP), which is a negligible greenhouse effect (GWP) and can be used on a global scale.
  • Overload Protection: In the event of a power loss, the compressor enters into the compressor protection mode. The protection mode lasts for three minutes before the compressor restarts.
  • Automatic Defrosting : At low room temperatures, frost may build up at the evaporator during operation. The unit will automatically start defrosting, and the POWER LED flashes.
  • Fan Speed and Mode Indicator: Display high fan speed & low fan speed The Mode Display between Cooling, dehumidification, and fan.