Artillery Genius Pro 3D Printer, New Upgrade Model 98% Pre-Assembled, Auto Bed Leveling Ultra-Quiet Printing, Dual Z-Axis System Power Failure & Filament Runout Detection & Recovery 220x220x250mm


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Brand: Artillery

Color: Black


  • The latest model Genius-Pro 3D printer is equipped with a Titan direct drive extruder, which allows fast melting, smooth filament extrusion and high-precision printing, especially for flexible filament. In addition, the print speed can reach up to 150 mm/s.
  • The Artillery exclusively developed 32-Bit motherboard, assisted by the ultra-quiet stepper driver, undergoes high-load safety testing during which the machine operates at low decibels throughout the entire process, thus realizing quiet printing with sweet serenity.
  • The tempered glass printing platform is hard and has strong adhesion. The AC heat bed has good thermal conductivity and enables fast heating. It can be heated up to 110°C in two minutes. And the heat bed has built-in thermal runaway protection, when the circuit board or SSR fails, the bed will stop heating to prevent damage to the machine.
  • The printer features the function of detecting filament runout / power loss and resuming printing after recovery. A prompt alarm will be given out ahead of filament runout, so you can print with assurance. The previous instructions will be automatically followed after the recovery of power, without omission or repetition.
  • On the XYZ axis, each axis is equipped with an inductive sensor end stop. These non-contact high-precision limit switches can be automatically calibrated, so the machine can still maintain good stability during high-speed operation. Most importantly, synchronized dual Z-axis design, double screw drive, good synchronization, combined with closed-loop synchronous belt, the device allows more stable printing.

UPC: 734257620130