Bornnew 3D Printers, Artist-D Pro Dual Extruder Independent 3D Printer with Fast Heating All Metal Frame Larger Platform 300x300x340mm


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Brand: Bornnew


  • Large Build Volume: Its generous build volume allows you to print large single models up to 310mm x 310mm x 350mm, or by utilizing its “double” or “mirror” modes, print two of the same model the same time, up to 111mm x 310mm x 350mm. This is the 3D printer that brings joy to your creative projects! 
  • Dual Extruder Diversity: Allows you to do something truly innovative and spectacular: you can print two types of different materials—such as hard and flexible materials. In addition, since the two extruders are independent, when one extruder works, the other one automatically parks itself out of the way. This prevents the filament from the non-active extruder from dripping onto the model and helps ensure a high-quality surface finish on your prints.
  • Direct Drive Extruder: Due to the short distance between the extruder and nozzle, less torque from the motor is required to push filament. It is capable of handling a variety of materials including PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS, PVA, Wood, etc. It typically provides a more accurate extrusion and allows for faster retractions. 
  • Resume Printing&Thermal Run Away Protection: Use the print pause option to continue printing. If the SD card is accidentally removed, you can also resume printing. Just re-insert it to continue printing. Artist-D 3D printer shuts down its heating elements when it detects that it can no longer properly control its temperature. This helps prevent a catastrophic fire hazard to your machine.
  • Two Step Modular Design: The Artist-D requires no special skills to assemble. It allows for a rapid assembly, and it’s simple even for inexperienced users. You can easily assemble it in about 5 minutes. Then just plug it in and turn it on.

UPC: 726754244599