CHRY Solar Generator with AC/DC Inverter Lithium Battery Emergency Power Supply, Solar Generator Charged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet Mobile Power Supply Electric Generator Kit


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Brand: CHRY


  • ✔ Mute intensity: With its powerful 1000W / 3000W (peak) pure sine wave inverter, Omega can supply more than 10 devices with power at the same time and has the same clean energy as your house socket
  • ✔ Versatility: 1000 W UPS, 1 AC sockets, 4 USB charging ports, up to 2A 5 V, 4 12 V DC power connections, up to 10 A, rechargeable 3.7 V / 120000 mAh lithium battery
  • ✔ Rechargeability: In addition to conventional charging on the wall, this light device can be powered by solar energy, a built-in solar charge controller, wind turbine or cigarette lighter
  • ✔ Built-In High-Power Density Lithium-Ion Battery: Provides Up To Seven Safety Protections: Overcharge, Short Circuit, Overheating And More Protections, Providing A Safe Charging Experience
  • ✔ Indoor And Outdoor Use: An Ideal Backup Power Source in Emergency Situations. Portable Power Station Provides Convenience for Your Hiking, Traveling, Camping, Fishing And Other Outdoor Activitie