dmb Electric Blacksmith Forge Blower, BBQ Blower, for Camping/Picnic/Outdoor Acativities, Great Grill Accessories Gift, 250W,370W,550W


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Brand: dmb

Color: B


  • Material: The outer casing is of iron and the motor is Pure copper wire. High-quality materials can make the performance of the blower stable, adapt to a variety of harsh environments.
  • Safe Design: Equipped with a safe and reliable air inlet Net, effectively improving the safety of air blower fans, Inflatable Bouncer Blower- easy to use.
  • High power: It has the characteristics of large air volume and stability.Warning: Only for domestic use. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
  • Energy saving: High efficiency and energy saving, stable air volume and low noise. Features: strong structure, small size, large wind power, beautiful appearance. The thickened bottom bracket makes the blower difficult to vibrate and is easy to install.
  • Widely Used Inflatable Blower: The blower works well with outdoor bounce houses, water slides, air sofas and other suitable large outdoor inflatables. Give your kids more fun, enjoy family happiness together.

UPC: 695573993974