EJWOX Large Compost Bin with Rainproof Cover – 190 Gallon (720 L) Garden Composter with Better Aeration System, Easy Assembling/BPA Free/Sturdy/Outdoor Compost Tumbler


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Brand: EJWOX


  • CLOSED-LOOP COMPOSTING – With this Large Compost bin, you can have your own household composting systems.Put aside food scraps for composting system instead of going to the trash can.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY -This composter is manufactured with 100% recycled uv-resistant PP for long lasting all weather durability, it is BPA free.
  • SUPER LARGE CAPACITY-The capacity of the composter is large enough(720L/190Gallon) for extended usage and reduce the frequency of operation compare with smaller sized composters for higher efficiency of composting and fermentation.
  • CIRCULATORY SYSTEM-┬áIn this composter, four air vents are designed on each of the side which allows the circulation of air for absorbing oxygen with high efficiency of fermentation
  • BENEFITS OF COMPOSTING – Enriches soil,Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers,Reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.

UPC: 634715995186