ELEGOO Mercury UV Curing Machine with Light Driven Rotary Base UV Curing Box Resin Curing Station for LCD SLA DLP 3D Resin Printed Model


ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine

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Color: Black


  • 【14PCS 405nm LED Lamp】ELEGOO curing box built in 14pcs 405nm UV LED beads to fast cure and evenly illuminate printed models.
  • 【Simple Curing Control】LED timer and three buttons can visually display and set cleaning and curing time. You can hold down the -/+ buttons to continuously adjust the timer. Press ON/OFF to power on or turn off the UV lights, the timer starts and stops accordingly.
  • 【Solar Powered Turntable】The base of the turntable has solar panels that absorb light, it is able to rotate without battery.
  • 【Reflective Film】Reflective film is embedded in the curing box, which can improve the curing speed and efficiency.
  • 【Translucent Monitor Window】You can monitor the curing process of the model through this window at any time to prevent insufficient or over-curing

Details: ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine