FUJGYLGL Transparent Blue Mushroom Rice PVC Inflatable Swimming Pool, Suitable for Children Over 3 Years 115 100 70 cm





  • ★ High-strength hot-carbon hard PVC layered independent airbag, with an enhanced hot-melt count, is firm and not easy to break. If the air leakage does not affect normal use, it is a single layer.
  • ★ The thick, wear-resistant inflatable bottom effectively blocks the coldness of the ground, prevents the rapid drop in water temperature, and prevents the baby from falling and bruising while playing in the swimming pool or swimming pool.
  • ★ using manual trimming technique, each of the side seam portions rounded, without leaving any corners.
  • ★ We use an enlarged drainage hole design, which is more efficient than traditional drainage holes.
  • ★ Layered inflatable holes, round holes, layered inflation and deflation are fast and easy.