GEM 11″ Electric Orbital Sander


GEM 11″ Electric Orbital Sander

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  • The GEM Orbital Sander features an 11 inch drive pad which reduces labor by at least 50% over traditional 5 or 6 inch rotary tools
  • And as opposed to high speed rotary sanders, the 100% orbital action of the GEM sander eliminates the possibility of swirl marks, leaving a totally consistent and uniform finish
  • The weight of the machine (18 lbs) does all the work. There is no need to apply pressure. Simply guide the machine across the surface like polishing a car
  • The GEM Orbital Sander comes with, or without a shroud attachment for dust collection, and is available in 220 volt. 11 inch 3M abrasives are available in our inventory.
  • This is the ideal tool for sanding large flat surfaces for both the woodworking, concrete and solid surface industries

Details: GEM 11″ Electric Orbital Sander

UPC: 672441527721