GX L3 18V Lithium Battery PCP Air Compressor, 4500Psi/320Bar/32Mpa, Set Pressure & Auto-Shutoff, Built-in Oil-Water Separator & Cooling Fan for Paintball Tank PCP Air Gun Rifle Compressor Pump


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Brand: GX pump


  • 【Dual Lithium Batteries】Our portable PCP air compressor adopts the power supple mode of two 18V lithium batteries. Full charge time of one battery is about 2 hours that can last for half an hour, two batteries can last for an hour. When one battery is charging, the other can continue to work, which meets the needs of users without worrying about connect power.
  • 【Water/Oil-free & Build in Oil-water Separator and Cooling Fan】Our new airgun compressor does not need standard oil, cooling water when working, and external water pump to cooling, built in high-power fan improves cooling efficiency greatly and simplifies operation. Four vents speed up the heat dissipation, and enhance oil-water separator make air dry and clean. Note: The cooling fan is manual, machine is cooled after each use and then turned off.
  • 【Set Pressure & Auto-shutoff】Our air compressor motor speed is 3000R/min, air output is 14L/min, can easily reach the pressure of 4500Psi/320Bar/32Mpa, which can meet the pressure required by variety kinds of airguns. It can set the inflation pressure and stop filling automatically when the preset pressure is reached. The fan is still working. Note: The bleed valve must be released after each turning off switch.
  • 【Powerful Compressor】Working power: 250W, Maximum working pressure: 32Mpa, net weight: 17.8LBS. It is lighter than many pumps and very convenient to carry. Inflating Speed: 500CC tank, from 0MPa pressurized to 30MPa takes about 13 minutes, from 20MPa pressurized to 30MPa takes about 4 minutes. The maximum inflation tank is limited to 1L.
  • 【8MM Quick Female Connector】: 8MM quick female connector can be quickly connected and disconnected, suitable for most airguns, rifles and paintball tanks and other mini diving bottles. Lithium battery only need fully charged at home, install the pump, turn on the power switch, and press the start button to use it directly. Adjustable pressure gauge, bleed valve, and burst disc making the pcp compressor more safer.