Hapstone R2 Classic Knife Sharpener



Brand: Gritomatic


  • 0️⃣No sharpening stones. 🛒Check variants and bundles to buy a kit with sharpening stones.
  • ⚙️Hapstone Modular Platform lets customers configure, upgrade, and convert the sharpener to another model.
  • ⚙️Pivot unit with fine-tuning, linear ball-bearing, full 360° rotation and parking hook for the guide rod. Two spring-assisted stoppers to limit the guide rod in the pivot unit.
  • ⚙️Auto-adjustable universal stone holder with built-in digital angle gauge holder, suitable for sharpening stones up to 6 inches including Edge Pro format.
  • ⚙️Rotating clamp module in triple clamp configuration (Y-shaped central clamp + pair of straight side clamps). Clamps utilize flexible flat spring and spacer screws to secure knives of any shape including a full flat grind.