Honeywell 2700 CFM 3-Speed Outdoor Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler (Swamp Cooler) with GFCI Cord for 850 sq. ft.


The Honeywell 1540 CFM indoor/outdoor evaporative air cooler offers an energy efficient cooling option when the air is hot with low humidity, such as desert areas like the southwestern United States (recommended humidity level is 60% or less for maximum efficiency). Honeywell evaporative air coolers do not require power hungry components like compressors. The low power consumption (only 220 watts) translates into significant savings on energy bills compared to using air conditioners. Just unpack, add water/ice, plug it in, and use. For outdoor use it is weather resistant, UV protected and has an air-throw up to 12 yards. For indoor use, place near an open door or window in an area up to 850 square feet with adequate cross ventilation. For those living in more humid climates, consider portable air conditioning units or window air conditioners for indoor use.

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Brand: Honeywell

Color: Grey


  • Outdoor Evaporative Cooler or Swamp Cooler with powerful 1540-2471 CFM airflow is Ideal for large open rooms, patio/ BBQ areas, garage, deck, backyard, warehouse
  • Best used in typically hot and dry climates where humidity levels are