Huanyu Micro Belt Sander Electric DIY Belt Grinder 895/997 Motor Knife Grinding Tool (997 Motor, 480W Power)


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Brand: Huanyu

Color: 480W Power


  • ↑ Why should I choose this belt sander model? One of the highlights of this model is the angle adjustment of the entire body and the work table. With our protractor, you can adjust the angle of the work table to an accurate and ideal position. Such a great improvement in function with this portable belt sander attracts many DIY enthusiasts. I am sure you will be happy and proud to become one of them.
  • ↑ How do I choose the motor model? You have 2 options: the 895 motor and 997 motor. The 997 motor is the most advanced and functional model, offering you more stable operation and greater torque.
  • ↑ Which power supply should I choose?: 250W power supply will help you when sanding: iron, soft metal, wood and plastic. The 480W / 360W power supply can also sand: High-speed steel, stainless steel as it is more multifunctional and powerful. The belt sander is more stable and powerful with a larger output power supply.
  • ↑ What is in the package? In your package there is 1 belt sander, 1 power adapter, 9 belts (1 piece installed in the machine, 8 pieces in one set), 1 angle ruler and 1 wrench. For the 9-piece belt, the 9 types of specifications are 60/120/180/240/320/400/600/800/1000 (mesh width) for your diverse requirements and usage.
  • ↑ Are these 2 additional accessories included in the package? : The 2 additional tools: fixed angle tool and the flat grinding tool are not included, they are only pictured for demonstration purposes.