HXFAFA Snow Snow Snow Snow Miller Left and Right Angle Adjustment Snow Snow Scrup Hand Snow Wheel House Snow Snow Tool Wheel Snow Snow Winter Thickness 1.5mm Cold Rolled Steel Pressure Plate


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  • U-shaped handle height adjustment is possible: The height of snow puff can be adjusted according to the user’s height. This maintains an upright posture while making a snow, and can prevent back pain due to muscle tension by long-term bending.
  • Large-sized pneumatic rubber tires: Pneumatic tires are easy to push, large tractions are easy to push in snow, ice and other slippery meteorological conditions, and save time and energy.
  • Cold rolling iron pressure plate with a thickness 1.5 mm: The surface is sprayed to prevent corrosion by rust and moisture. Large concave blades can be adjusted left and right, and the snow removal rate is four times the conventional plastic shovel.
  • Added teeth of an icebrobate: You can add an icebrob teeth that allows you to rotate 360 ​​degrees and replace the ice surface, or add a deregloated texture double roller. It can not be adjusted up and down an angle of armrest. , Left and right, it is convenient for snow removal.
  • More Weavable and Rusting: A wide area of ​​recessed blade can easily remove thick snow, and metal materials can avoid bumps and scratch damage compared to plastics.