ICCI Camping Stove Outdoor Gas Propane Cooker (Single Burner)


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Brand: ICCI


  • Spacious one-burner range delivers high heat output up to 220,000 btus for diverse food preparations.1872 fire holes to distribute heat evenly.
  • Remove the leg extenders to lower the height or place on a table for versatility. Sturdy 4-leg construction offers excellent stability and versatility.
  • With clear and brief instruction, this sturdy burner allows for immediate use without the headache of a complex set-up. You can quickly assemble and use it when you are outside.
  • Includes adjustable 0-20 psi regulator attached to hose for a secure flow of propane. The package includes: pressure reducing valve, 2 meters low-pressure hose, snaps.
  • Remove the legs for easy transport. Great for outdoor camping Strong enough to carry heavy pots. Really get your cook on. Comes with a weatherproof cover.