ICCI Outdoor Stove Portable Kerosene Stove Cooker for Camping Picnic Cooking (Size : 10L)


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Brand: ICCI


  • Fuel: Kerosene, diesel fuel, plant fuel such safety fuel not easy to explode. Do not use gasoline, dangerous!
  • Material: Burner is made from heavy duty cast iron with all-in-one design and weather proof coating, will last a lifetime.
  • Outdoor Cooker: Flame is adjustable using the needle valve on the regulator kit included, for a wide range of flame control.
  • Note: Before ignition, please make sure that the wick has absorbed kerosene, otherwise the wick will soon burn out.
  • Fuel Liters: 2L-1 hour consumption 0.4L, 3L-1 hour consumption 0.4L, 5L-1 hour consumption 0.5L, 10L-1 hour consumption 0.8L.