LOYALHEARTDY 52cc Gas Posthole Digger, 52CC 2.3HP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Post Hole Digger Petrol Drill w/ 4″ 6″ 8″ Earth Auger Machine


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  • 【Straight Gearbox】 has a straight gearbox, which is different from the version with sideways engine. The straight design is strong and durable, and the sprocket is not easy to cut.
  • 【High Configuration】 Equipped with 52cc gasoline engine, one or two people can easily perform various tasks. Comes with 4 “, 6” and 8 “drill bits that can drill holes of various diameters.
  • 【Quick and Easy】 Ergonomic design, precise, easy to use and economical. Easy start system (Initial code) Centrifugal clutch Change tempo quickly and easily.
  • 【Extensive Applications】 The earth auger is suitable for fast drilling into the ground such as fences, posts, trees, shrubs, etc.This drilling tool allows you to perform professional digging.
  • 【Prompt】 Buffering is required when using the handle. Do not pull all at once, pull two thirds. Remember to mix before adding gasoline and two-stroke engine oil. The ratio is gasoline: two-stroke engine oil = 25: 1. Make sure the throttle valve is open when using the machine!