Motor Guard MHT-7000 High Tech Air Preparation System 1/2 NPT


Motor Guard introduces the most advanced air preparation system for spray booths and critical refinishing operations. The Motor Guard High Tech Air Preparation System (MHT-7000) offers six stages of air prep in a single unit and provides for the quickest, cleanest cartridge change in the industry. The MHT-7100 Compressed Air Filter is a high-volume water trap combined with a particulate and oil filter that features Motor Guard’s exclusive hydrophillic depth cartridge which filters to an incredible . 01 micron rating. The cartridge was developed to trap oil, water and particulates in between the tightly wound sheets of high-efficiency media. A drop-in replacement cartridge (M-710) and spin-off T-handle provide for a rapid cartridge change. The MHT-7200 Compressed Air Desiccant Dryer features a unique cartridge that combines an activated carbon inner element to remove oil vapor to less than . 003 ppm with a high-capacity silica gel desiccant dryer that delivers an incredible -40ºF dew point to the spray booth. Two full quarts of silica gel desiccant beads ensure a long filter life and a sealed, disposable cartridge (M-720) and spin-off T-handle provide for a quick and clean cartridge change. A color-change (blue to pink) sight glass signals the need the replace both cartridges. The MHT-7300 Compressed Air Precision Regulator is a high-quality, true diaphragm regulator designed to set and hold outlet pressure over a wide range of flows and conditions. A high-visibility, multi-scale pressure gauge features a scratch and solvent proof glass lens that will outlast all competitive gauges. The MHT-7000 High Tech Air Filtration System is the latest addition to a full line of repair and refinishing products. From Pulling to Painting, Motor Guard has a product for all of your auto body repair and refinishing needs.

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Brand: Motor Guard


  • REGULATOR. Six stages of air preparation in a single unit.
  • INCLUDED. MHT-7100 Sub-micronic hydrophilic compressed air filter and water trap, MHT-7200 silica gel desiccant dryer and activated carbon filter, MHT-7300 precision diaphraghm regulator with gauge.
  • FEATURES. Inlet and Oulet Port Size: 1/2 NPT, Nominal Airflow: 30 CFM, Water Trap Bowl Capacity: 16 fl. oz, Nominal Flitration Rating: . 01 Micron, Oil Vapor Removal Rating: