[New model] Ivyel GL-3 REM Smart Electric Bidet for Toilet Seat with Remote,For Elongated Toilets,Stainless Steel Self Cleaning Nozzle,Heated bidet Toilet Seat with Warm Water,Air Dryer,Intensive Wash



Brand: IVYEL


  • Luxury you can feel: Enjoy your time in the bathroom with our electric bidet for toilet seat with wash modes including feminine, posterior and intensive wash for a more powerful and thorough cleaning. Air bubbles are created into the water stream for a soft touch on your skin. Additional features like the pulse massage and sitz bath will make you fall in love with our newest model, the GL-3 REM bidet.
  • Heated seat and water: Nothing makes you feel more at home than sitting on a warm toilet seat with warm water. The GL-3 REM bidet’s heated toilet seat and heated water can both be adjusted in four different temperatures. Our advanced hybrid heating technology creates an extended amount of warm water.
  • Energy saving and eco-friendly: No need to worry about your electricity bill with our smart energy saving mode. Not only do you save energy, but you save the environment too by using less toilet paper! The soft closing lid prevents the cover from slamming or damaging your bidet.
  • Remote control: Why need a remote you ask? The Ivyel GL-3 REM bidet with remote control can help many users who cannot see the side panels clearly because of their eyesight. It can also be more user-friendly for children and users who struggle to wipe their back due to restrictions.
  • Child function: This mode makes it easy for children who struggle to wipe themselves thoroughly. The softer water stream adjusts the nozzle to fit your child and help them wash cleaner than ever. The smart toilet bidet also has an LED night light that makes it easy to use the restroom at night.