Nuojie Gardening Watering System Tools 1/2″ Brass Garden Sprinklers with Adjustable Garden Irrigation Sprinklers Garden Lawn Irrigation Watering 10pcs (Color : 1I2 x 1I2 Hose)


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Brand: Nuojie


  • The watering range can be controlled, and the watering is strong, covering every corner of the garden. It is durable. It is made of durable materials, non-toxic and tasteless. The ground is stable, has a long service life, and is durable.
  • Agriculture, lawns, gardens, seedlings, gardening, villas, industrial irrigation! The roof cools down! Greening the community! The nozzle is easy to install and has good water saving performance!
  • Nozzle pressure (kpa): 100-250
  • Water flow rate (m3/h): 0.5-1.8 cubic meters/hour
  • Spray diameter (m): 0.6-8m (free adjustment)