Official Creality Ender 7 3D Printer Core XY, Beyond Fast Printing Speed 250MM/S, Carborundum glass bed,Metal Dual Extruder, Exclusive Rapid-power Motor & Large Volume Nozzle, Build Size 250x250x300mm


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Brand: Haosegd


  • [ Extreme printing speed-250mm/s] The printing speed of Creality Ender 7 3D Printer is 250mm/s, which is nearly 5 Times faster than previous models. It is equipped with dual motors that work in parallel, so that the entire body can be better coordinated, so it can complete higher-level printing.
  • [Powerful function and performance upgrade] This Ender 7 is not recommended for beginners. This Ender 7 3D printer has more powerful functions than other models. It supports a printing size of 250 x 250 x 300 cm and has a machine tool made of silicon carbide glass. The space of the machine tool has also increased to 4000 cubic millimeters. It is equipped with dual extruders that can provide strong extrusion force when working. So as to achieve continuous and stable work.
  • [Ensure your work stability] Ender 7 3D printer is equipped with dual fans, which can cool the machine in time and quickly during high-speed printing. Its fan is equipped with a high-performance butterfly-shaped wing air duct, so that this Ender 7 can inhale 169% more air than previous models. It can provide a good working environment for the machine, and make the extruded filaments smoother and more textured.
  • [Core XY design] All stepping motors designed for Ender 7 Core XY printers are fixed, and the print bed moves vertically. This makes the tool head the only part of the printer that can move at a considerable speed, so the vibration frequency of its work will be much less. This performance enables Ender 7 to have higher printing speeds while also reducing noise during work.
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