OUYANG Twotrees BLU-5 3D Printer 90% Pre-Assembled, with Removable Build Plate, Auto Leveling, Silent Drive FDM Printer, Large Build Size 300x300x400mm


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  • ✔️【Large print size】The maximum print size of this FDM printer is 300x300x400mm, bringing you the maximum possibilities for all different size models.
  • ✔️【Quick assembly】6 screws can complete the printer frame installation, easy and fast assembly.
  • ✔️【Easy Wiring】Use CAT7 network cable to transfer data, plug in two network cables to complete the wiring.
  • ✔️【Control box skylight design】Convenient to view the operating status of the motherboard, easy to replace the stepper driver.
  • ✔️【PEI build bed】The attached PEI removable build bed has excellent adhesion, is flexible, and can be disassembled and removed. Before use, please remove the protective film attached to the PEI surface.
  • ✔️【Technical Support】If you have any questions before purchase or any questions about the operation after purchase, please contact us.

UPC: 760606095991