QWERTYUIOP Solar Generator Outdoor 500W Peak 444Wh USB UPS Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 110V 220V Portable Power Station,C,220v


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  • A 110V solar panel, B 110V portable power supply, C 110V solar panel + portable power supply, A 220V solar panel, B 220V portable power supply, C 220V solar panel + portable power supply,
  • Provide AC output and DC output two different output to meet the needs of different electronic products. .
  • Portable, beautiful and easy to use. .
  • This product can be used for online UPS backup power supply emergency and outdoor. .
  • This product is equipped with multiple lithium battery, the total capacity of 12V 120000mAH (444Wh), without shutting down, desktop computers may use ordinary household power after 3 ~ 6 hours.