Shipenophy Durable Stable Wind Generator Industrial Energy Equipment 100% 23.6in Nylon Fiber for(Blue, 12V)


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Brand: Shipenophy

Color: blue, 12V


  • This windmill generator has a slow startup speed; high wind energy utilization; beautiful look; low vibration.
  • This 5‑blade wind generator adopts a humanized design, which is easy to install, maintain and repair. Widely Used for boats, terraces, cabins or mobile houses charging, etc.
  • These precise blades, combined with optimized design of aerodynamic shape and structure, can increase annual power generation.
  • This permanent‑magnet rotor alternator makes the wind generator match it well and improves the reliability.
  • The generator adopts a permanent magnet rotor alternator with the stator design, which effectively reduces the drag torsion.