SLZFLSSHPK Portable Generator Solar generatorSolar Generator 300W 333WH Portable Power Station Camping Portable Generator, with AC Jack and USB for CPAP Camp Travel,220V(Size:110V)


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  • PURE SINE WAVE OUTPUT: Built-in a new generation of smart DC/AC pure sine inverter. It is designed to optimize the power supply for motors, electric fans, medical instruments, etc.
  • MULTIPLE SECURITY PROTECTION: The new patented safety technology greatly improves the safety of applying lithium-ion batteries to portable energy storage power sources. By constructing multiple pure hardware protection layers. Built-in intelligent processing chip, it can automatically match the current required by the device, without damaging the battery due to excessive current
  • SUPPORT QUALCOMM QUICK CHARGE 3.0 FAST-CHARGING TECHNOLOGY: the 3rd generation quick charge technology, which is 4 times faster than traditional charging speed and 27% faster than Qualcomm’s second-generation fast charging technology.
  • A VARIETY OF CHARGING METHODS ARE AVAILABLE: solar panel charging, you can use solar panels to charge, where there is sunlight, there is power. Solar panel charging: 13.5V~ 23V/4.6A max (not including solar charging panel), adapter charging, car charging (to prevent accidental loss of car battery, this charging method can only be charged after the car engine is started.)
  • DRIVE MORE APPLIANCES: Home Appliances: TV, Refrigerator, Washing machine, cleaner, juicing machine, Computer, Electric fan, DVD and on-vehicle kits, speaker, etc.portable power station