Tatoonly Bluer V2 3D Printer Bluer High Precision Automatic Leveling Resume Print TMC2208 Resume Power Failure Large Size Printing Machine DIY 3D Printer


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Brand: Tatoonly


  • ✔【Power Resume & Filament Saving】 There has filament run-out detection and power resume print fuction, which means filament sensor and resume monitor. It can be auto warning if filament runs out or break, which intelligently helps to save time and filaments. In addition, when electrical power is lost or stopped, printing can be resumed from last layer, which doesn’t affect your work and also save power and filament for you.
  • ✔【High Power & Quick Heating Up】 24V, 360W, big power supply. The hot bed can be heated to higher temperatures. Also You can quickly use the printer and make a 3D finished product. It does not take too long time to wait for the hot bed to be heated which means that after plugging in the power and turn on the switch, you can start working immediately.
  • ✔【Solid & Adjustabale Structure】 Sheet metal ensure its solid and stable feature, which makes you use printer for long time. Each unit can be assembled and disassembled. You only need to follow the instructions and install the printer easily. In addition, X/Yaxis can be adjusted tightly according to youer needs.
  • ✔【3.5-inch Color Touch screen】 The printer has a 3.5-inch touch color touch screen. You can choose the corresponding language according to your needs, which supports multi-language interface, such as Chinese English French Spanish German Korean Russian,etc.
  • ✔【High Precision Printing】 It has TMC2208 (256 subdivision) silent driver and MKS ROBIN NANO V1.2 motherboard to ensure its high-precision quality. In addition, XY axis positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm and Z axis positioning accuracy is ±0.004mm, which makes printing speed keep between 20-200mm/s.