Tertill Gift Giver Bundle with Tertill Garden Weeding Robot – A Better Way to Weed, Ideal for Vegetable Gardens, Weeds Automatically and Tertill Accessory kit All You Need for Years of Weeding

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Brand: Tertill


  • WEED SMARTER – This is not your grandpa’s weeder! Tertill offers an easy way to maintain your garden. Simply place Tertill in your garden, turn it on, and Tertill will weed for 1-2 hours a day, every day, even when you are away. Finally, an effective alternative to herbicides, hand weeding, manual weeding tools, weed block, landscaping fabric or dense planting..
  • KILLS WEEDS TWO WAYS – Tertill kills weeds before they grow by churning up the top layer of soil with specially designed wheels. Weeds that manage to grow are cut down with Tertill’s automatic weed whacker. Even if they sprout again, Tertill will chop them down until they shrivel up and die.
  • SENSES PLANTS – Special sensors inside Tertill’s shell send an alert that its near a plant making Tertill turn away. Plants not tall enough to be detected by Tertill’s sensors can be protected with included metal plant guards.
  • WEEDS EVERY DAY – Provides a weeding system and smart sensors that allow Tertill to adjust to most gardens and weed daily, even when you are on vacation!
  • SIMPLE REQUIREMENTS – Tertill needs a 4-inch or higher continuous border, foot between plants or rows, and a slope of less than 10 degrees. For best results, place Tertill in a weed-free garden to start.