Thermostatic shower set, bathroom wall-mounted shower faucet set, thermostatic shower column, complete thermostatic shower set, with shower set, brass shower system, digital display aircraft carrier


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  • 1. All-brass material: The main body of the shower system is made of high-quality brass, which will not rust and is durable. The surface has gone through 7 complex processes before and after the black high-temperature baking paint process to make it have super adhesion. The paint will not fade
  • 2.4 kinds of water outlet modes: there are two kinds of water outlet modes: knob control and button control, including top spray nozzle, spray gun, shower, tap water, 4 kinds of water mode you can switch freely according to your needs
  • 3. Nozzle introduction: top AIR rain shower type air injection pressurization technology can be used for a wide range of comfortable showers, ABS hand spray is equipped with independent switches and 3 water outlet modes, and mobile pressurized spray guns are used for multiple purposes. Where are the stains? The water is soft and does not splash
  • 4. Thermostatic mixing valve: The thermostatic model is equipped with a thermostatic shower mixing valve, which can set the temperature at will. After the setting is set, the temperature of the water outlet will not change. The temperature of the outlet will not change. It will prevent scalding. The operation is simple. The pole can be adjusted up and down. Adults and children can General purpose, it is more convenient to present the lifting and lowering racks
  • 5. Style introduction: there are knob hot and cold models, independent button black gold thermostat models, independent button digital display thermostat models, digital display thermostat aircraft carrier models, 4 styles are available for you to choose, the digital display model can display the water temperature in real time, which is more intuitive Stylish and modern

UPC: 695503076708