Titan Attachments 6″ Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher, Up to 70HP, 30″ Rotor, 3 Point Attachment


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Brand: Titan Attachments


  • OVERSIZED ROTOR WITH REVERSIBLE BLADES: This high-power Wood Chipper is equipped with integrated air vents for efficient operation. Additionally, the machine also has twig breaker paddles on oversized rotors so that wood and twigs will not clog the blades or shaft. This chipper can process wood pieces up to 6-inches in diameter, creating manageable chips and pellets, eliminating roadblocks in your work.
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION AND OPERATION: Integrated with a tractor’s 3 Point Hitch System and PTO for easy transport and operation. This feature eliminates the need for additional attachments and motors, making any job you take on that much easier. Additionally, the implement is equipped with hinges on the detachable feed chute for compact storage and transport. It also comes with a PTO shaft.
  • ADJUSTABLE EXIT CHUTE: The exit chute is fully adjustable. This feature allows you to direct the path of the chips as they exit the machine after processing. Making your operation and clean-up processes quicker, easier, and safer than it would be otherwise.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR 70HP TRACTORS: This self-feeding Wood Chipper is exceptionally versatile and can be used with most tractors up to 70 HP. This means that you can operate it with most models by major brands. This Wood Chipper is easy to mount and accepts entire trees. The whole attachment weighs 721-pounds.

UPC: 840009221385