TRONXY Customized Version X5SA-400 PRO,TR Sensor Auto Leveling + Lattice Glass Plate,Large Size 400×400×400mm Industrial Grade High Precision 3D Printer


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  • 【Customized Version VS Normal Version】Replaced the original blue leveler and hot bed with better TR Sensor Auto Leveling and Lattice Glass Plate.
  • 【TR Auto Leveling Sensor +Lattice Glass Advantage】 (1)The upgraded automatic bed leveler can sense opaque objects. (2) The Lattice Glass Plate allows for easy removal of printed products and cleaning printing surface.
  • 【Core XY structure design】 full belt drive, higher stability and printing accuracy, ensure the quality of the model; Dual Z-axis design, increase the bearing capacity of the hot bed, reduce errors in printing, and print more finely.
  • 【For experienced printer enthusiasts】X5SA-400 PRO DIY assembly, providing complete parts and tools. The paper manual with an electronic version of the instructions and a link to the installation video. Assemble and debug by yourself, enjoy the fun of DIY assembly, , so as to meet your ideas and creativity. This process takes some time to install, debug and learn, which is quite challenging for novices, more recommended for experienced user.
  • 【After-Sales Service】 TRONXY will offer lifetime technical support, response within 24 hours, definitely give you a satisfied answer (contact us : Your Amazon Buyer Account > Click Your Account > Your Orders > Find your order and click Contact Seller)

UPC: 791809181563