WGang 0.5KW Oblique Impact Hydroelectric Generator Set, Miniature Hydroelectric Generator, Suitable for Field and Mountainous Area


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Brand: WGang


  • 1. The generator has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation and use, etc., and is most suitable for the power generation equipment for lighting, television and other electricity used by farmers in mountainous areas with sporadic micro hydraulic resources.
  • 2.This unit can be used in remote areas to provide temporary power. The customer connects the unit to a collapsible hose (fire hose) to obtain temporary power during camping.
  • 3.Suitable for household lighting, TV, electric furnace and other pure resistance household appliances
  • 4. Not suitable for household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, pumps, etc.
  • 5. The water turbine generator has a service life of 15-20 years. We provide an English installation and operation manual in the package. If you don’t know anything, you can contact us by email. We are online 24 hours a day to solve your problems.