Wide Compatibility LCD Touch Scree Color TFT High-Precision Thin Durable for 3D Printer Controller


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Brand: Shipenophy


  • Support standard T5 DWIN OS platform: hardware can lead to 20 0, 6 UART, multi-channel AD, PWM, and provide customized services.
  • Display controls and touch controls can be turned on, off, or modified in the app to implement complex display combinations functions.
  • Based on the T5 dual-core CPU, both the GUI and the OS core run at 250MHz. 40mS DGUS cycle, extremely smooth. 128Mbytes Flash, 64Mbytes is picture memory, 64Mbytes font space (32Mbytes for font and music reuse).
  • Support for updates to fonts, music, icons and applications. Support JPEG image decompression to update images. Up to 255 display variables per page.
  • Up to 524.3 seconds 32KHz 16bit WAV format for high quality music playback. 320Kbytes Nor Flash user database. 128Kbytes SRAM.