Wind Generator Wind Power Generator 1000w Wind Power Generator 3 Blades Breeze Start for Marine, RV, Home, Windmill Generator Suit (Size : Z-1000w)


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Brand: Man-hj


  • Designed to be portable, using ultra-light composite materials and engineering plastics;
  • With anti-winding device, strong wind tail swing protection; patented research and development and manufacturing
  • Large power generation, which can be combined with photovoltaic cells to form a “wind-solar complementary” power supply system
  • Wide application]-This wind turbine is easy to install and maintain, suitable for leisure areas, such as boats, pavilions, huts or mobile homes, as well as green windmills, homes, businesses and industrial energy supply.
  • Unique design]-The wind generator adopts a permanent magnet rotor AC generator and a special stator design to effectively reduce the resistance torque and ensure stability. The blade adopts reinforced glass fiber, which helps to optimize the structure and aerodynamic shape, enhance the wind coefficient and power generation capacity.