Wind Generator Wind Turbine Generator 12V/24V 400W Rated 400W Wind Power Generator 3/5/6Blades Wind Generator for Marine, RV, Home, Windmill Generator Suit


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Brand: Man-hj

Color: Free Controller


  • ★Features: Start at low speed; high utilization rate of wind energy; low vibration during operation and high efficiency.
  • ★Fan blade: made of nylon carbon fiber. The longer the blade, the greater the kinetic energy produced, and the greater the power produced. Nylon material is waterproof, corrosion-resistant and lightweight.
  • ★Wind generator: three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. Efficient and compact alternator with high-performance neodymium iron boron permanent magnets.
  • ★ Rotating body: Through the yaw adjustment system, the wind direction position can be automatically read, and the rotor position can be adjusted to capture the maximum wind energy. The tail fin is designed according to the principles of aerodynamics.
  • ★Wind energy charging controller: The battery board is expanded to a 12V wind power generation system. The controller can help charge the battery intelligently and automatically protect it.