XWZ 3D Printer, FDM 3D Printer with High Precision, Printing Size 320×320×320 mm, for Architectural Design, Toy Application, Industrial Design, Etc.


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Brand: XWZ


  • [Model Preview]: During the printing process, the progress bar of the panoramic frame of the model can be displayed to ensure the printing process.
  • [Resume printing]: There is a sudden power failure during printing, please rest assured that printing can resume after turning on the power again. It can also replace consumables of different colors to achieve manual color-changing printing requirements. Early warning of material interruption detection. If the consumables are used up or the filament is accidentally disconnected during printing, the machine may automatically pause and continue operation after replacing the new consumables.
  • [Wide application]: It can be used in architectural design, scientific research technology, medical education, toy application, industrial design, lighting application, jewelry design, dental care, etc.
  • [Multiple printing methods]: Support multiple printing methods such as SD card, U disk, WIFI remote control, USB online, etc. to meet various printing needs.
  • [Operation]: 3.5-inch touch screen, supports one-key switching between Chinese and English. One-key loading and unloading operation, just select one button on the control panel, you can easily realize the automatic loading and unloading function.