Zhangmeiren High-Capacity Folding Bath Barrel Bath Tub Bath Barrel Body Home for Children Bidet Bathtub (Color : A)



Brand: Zhangmeiren

Color: A


  • Foldable bath barrel, easily folded, storage convenience, space, just one square meter bath.
  • Upgrade bold aluminum tube, six barrels are made thicker, widened to increase to 70cm, two-way drainage.
  • Environmentally friendly materials, health care, upgrade alloy tube support, not rollover, double-sided waterproof fabric Quick-drying, easy care.
  • This eco-friendly inflatable tub is made of high-density PVC for durability. With inflatable pillows, backrests and armrests, the bathtub is super comfortable. You can roll up or zip up the lid to keep the bathtub warm or cold. It comes with a cup holder for storing drinks, mobile phones or other items.
  • Easy to fold and store, you can enjoy bathing anytime, anywhere. Perfect for your house and garden. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Taking a regular bath will help eliminate toxins and improve overall health.